Kenny Texeira (pronounced: Tex-era) hails from Western Massachusetts. After relocating to Hollywood in early 1991, Kenny found himself writing and performing theme songs for motion pictures. His prowess guitar work can also be heard on countless CD’s, TV commercials, and TV shows worldwide, as he has been recording in various studios from coast to coast for over 30 years. Tex has released 4 CD’s, 5 DVD’s, and 18 Music Videos as a solo artist (1999’s CD “Turn it Up” features Gregg Bissonette on drums). Tex continues to license many of his songs to TV shows and Motion Pictures today.





Up close and personal with Kenny
Hometown: Westfield, Massachusetts
Resides: Hollywood, Ca
Birthday: October 5
Heritage: Portuguese
Tattoos: 22
Favorite word: Accomplished
Least favorite word: Can’t
Favorite curse word: Motherfucker
Favorite time of day: Dusk
Favorite time of night: 5 minutes before stage time
Favorite smell: A woman’s neck
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite food: Mexican, Thanksgiving feast
Favorite drink: Tequila, Vanilla milkshakes
Favorite sport: NFL
Favorite vacation spot: Mojave Desert, Big Sur
Favorite movie: Basic Instinct, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Back to the Future
Favorite Actor: Chevy Chase
Favorite Actress: Raquel Welch
Turn ons: Spontaneity, Long legs, Unconditional love
Turn offs: Liars, Refusal of responsibility, Drama
Pet peeve: People who are always late
Most surprising fact: Once worked as a Correction Officer on Death Row
Strengths: Multitasking, Creative mind
Hero: Alfred Texeira