Music video update!

Unfortunately, brother Satoshi will be out of town during filming, and can not be a part of this production. Satoshi has been a part of Kenny’s band for 15 years, and he will be back pounding on Bass with them for the next video for sure.

In the meantime, veteran Bass player, Melanie Sisneros, will be filling in. Melanie has an impressive resume the past 25 years, including being the original co-founding member of the world’s only female tribute to Iron Maiden, called “The Iron Maidens”. She is also a member of the all-female tribute band “Whole Lotta Rosies”, as well as playing many shows with other bands entertaining our troops overseas. Kenny and his crew are all thrilled to have her on board, and they all can’t wait to start filming next month! Lastly, a huge thanks goes out to Bjorn Englen!